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Yseult - Rien à prouver (beLOey Remix)

beLOey - Revolver LIVE @ la Paloma

beLOey "Briks & Briks"
Music Video
Directed by Clément Yzerman Otus Prod.

Actor / Composer / Screenwriter
Short Film (made in 48h)
Directed by Pascal Michel

- Compositor -
French Film Festival UK 2017 (Music trailer)

- Compositor, Actor & Screenwriter -
BALKAN BLOOD (online streaming)

Finally online Balkan Blood - The Movie!! (English Subtitles)
We've shoot the film in the Serbian winter of 2013, with no budget and just motivation to do something great in retrospection of the stories we all shared in this project.
In fact, all four of us Esus Gläser (Director), Nayan Ducruet (Director of Photography), Adrien Boulon (Actor) and me had some similar roots history that we wanted to share on the screen. We all come from foreign cultures and had to create our way around a divided world that surrounds us.

Description :
Jovan and Mesha, two French young men, who just inherited from their mother a house in the south of Serbia, in Vranje.
A movie about two brothers looking for their roots.

I hope this movie will inspire you in to do something creative.
Have a good screening below!

beLOey's Connects with the Canadian label
Mode 33 Records


I'm happy to announce that I'll be releasing a new EP "SVEGA" with beLOey signed on Canadian label Mode 33 Records .
I know it's been a year I haven't release anything with beLOey and it is hard to find the time to finalize projects (producing, mixing and mastering, art work). But for this year I have cooked some brand new tunes for you special people.
Especially for this EP, I went where I wanted to go for years... Into the deep electro world, my influences of the moment reveled that I got an crush on deep house beats and old synth. But I let you discover this EP by yourself.
For the original art work, Mode 33 Records help me and got make this original picture that i'm proud of!

Check more new on beLOey's website:
new EP 'SVEGA' to be release on Mode 33 Records
Exiting times, here's below the first track of the EP "Briks & Briks" (feat. Nadine Carina)

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