Michel Assier-Andrieu

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Since I have chosen to become an art creator, I have been involve in different project with different roles.
In this section you are going to have an over look of all the projects I have been involve with.
See below:
beLOey (Trip-Hop Electronic, solo project),
Composer / Sound Designer (Film, Dance show, Advert, Event promo video),

(Trip-Hop Electronic) Solo Project
Composer / Producer / Sound Engineer
Inquiries contact:

beLOey is my musical solo project I have been doing since 2003 and fully involve with since 2011.

Modern trip hop project created in 2011 beLOey [bɛloej] is a mixture of complex influences.
From Goldie to Sparklehorse, Luke Vibert and Bonobo, the artist stand at the crossroad of genres between trip hop and rock'n'roll.
Always working in the spirit that the only boundaries in music are the ones you place on yourself.

SVEGA Ep 2017 signed on Canadian label Mode 33 Records
WONDER Ep 2014 signed on Detroit, USA label Dynamic Beats Abound

Awards :
- SPIDER FLESH music video -
Nomination and won the public vote at the Berlin Music Video Awards

Short Film, Dance Show, Advert, Event Promo Video

Short film

Balkan Blood

(Trailer English Subtitles)

"Jovan and Mesha, two French young men, who just inherited from their mother a house in the south of Serbia, in Vranje. A movie about two brothers looking for their roots."

Advert (Alternative music)
Advert (Alternative music)

Event Promo Video
Maison & Objet Paris 2016
Medialight production

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